Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Universe restriction Priority

Universe restriction Priority

Explain the priority of restriction implemented in Universe.

According to my understanding and running the same problem in our universe the solution is below:

If you go to "Set group priority" window after clicking on Priority button in "Manage Access Restriction" you can see the below comments...
"You can specify which groups have the highest priority for access restrictions. If an user is assigned conflicting restrictions on different parent groups, the restriction on the group with the highest priority will take precedence."

Describing the scenario:

Group1------------>Restriction 1-----------> Priority 1(Higest Priority Lowest Level)
Group2------------>Restriction 2-----------> Priority 2
Group3------------>Restriction 3-----------> Priority 3
Group4------------>Restriction 4-----------> Priority 4(Lowest Priority Highest Level)

Restriction 1----> Can see A1 object but can't see A3 object
Restriction 2----> Can see A2 object but can't see A4 object
Restriction 3----> Can see A3 object but can't see A2 object
Restriction 4----> Can see A4 object but can't see A1 object

User A is present in Group 1 and Group 2
User B is present in Group 3 and Group 4
User C is present in all groups
A can see --- > A1, A2
B can see  ---> A3, A4
C can see ---> A1, A2 ( But can't see A3, A4 as it is already restricted by Restriction 1 & Restriction 2)

Correct me if I am wrong....

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