Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Questions for understanding a BO project

Many of the developers always struggle in beginning of a migration/conversion/consolidation project where they have to understand an existing SAP Business objects reporting environment and build a new one. They start collecting the information and there are no set of rules of as-is analysis.
                I worked in several projects where I faced this difficulty and started preparing a list of question that we need to know about a reporting environment. You can use this template to start requirement gathering and eventually you will come up with bigger or smaller list. But you can use it as start point:   

Environment details
Server Name & Connection of all environments
TNS entries for all environments

Universe Details:
Name & Number of Universe
Name & Number of star Schemas with confirmed Dimensions
Name & Number of tables
Name & Number of Aliases and Contexts
Name & Number of classes with some subclasses
Name & Number of objects
Name & Number of customized hierarchies
Name & Number of conditional objects with time conditions
Name & Number of default hierarchies
Name & Number of aggregate navigations
Name & Number of Linked universe
Security structure
Security groups
Manage access restriction mapping (groups and security levels) if any.
Universe connection name for each environment

Reporting details:
Name & Number of Reports
Name and Number of Linked reports
Reports with multiple data provider
Number of report level objects
Customization of the reports(Means if there any standard template for the reports)
If there any specific alerter for all the reports
Number of Tabbed reports
Scheduling time and scheduling process.
Multilingual Support information
Prompts used in reports

CMC details:
Access levels of the system(Security analysis)
Number of users/groups
Any customization of Info view is there..
Load Balancing system
Third party software used
Integration system with the Active Directory of company with BO

Documents needed
Data Model
Process flows
Functional specification
Operation manual
A single document which track all objects of all reports available

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